What better way to celebrate the sizzle than with something else just as melodious: beat poetry. Or in this case, meat poetry. Fun fact: that rich baritone voice is yours truly.

Awards received at Minnesota Ad Fed’s The Show 2019:

Silver: social media - single execution (Lunchmeat Lover)
Bronze: social media - campaign
Bronze: social media - copywriting (Autumn)
Bronze: social media - copywriting (Lunchmeat Lover)
Bronze: social media - copywriting (The Square of Life)
Bronze: social media - single execution (Autumn)
Bronze: social media - single execution (The Square of Life)


SPAM Musubi (think sushi but with SPAM) is a hugely popular way of eating SPAM in Hawaii. It’s a food trend we wanted to popularize for a wider audience. To do so, we turned an ingredient into a creative asset. By stylizing the sheet of nori wrapping the musubi in different ways, we created unique and lovable characters for each one.


SPAM spices up meals. Now we’re spicing up English. Our slang terms give SPAM fans a way to express their sizzling lifestyle and love for the brand with uniquely relatable definitions. Maybe you’ll see them on the SATs one day.