I’m pretty awesome, but don’t take my word for it. Just ask my former students.

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“Professor Tiso was one of my favorite professors - I absolutely loved having him as my instructor. I felt that he had a true passion for the material he was teaching which made me excited to learn more. I felt that the assignments we had and the papers we submitted were really fun (never thought I’d say that about Composition) but because I enjoyed what I was writing about, it made me eager to read his feedback and even more eager and excited to revise and resubmit our final papers. He made this course so fun and appealing! I feel like I took away a lot more from this class because he was such a great professor who was passionate about the subject.”

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“Mr. Tiso is super cool - he’s relatable, comfortable to send correspondence to, and easy to get along with. He had good feedback for my assignments, and didn’t create an environment where I dreaded doing homework or reaching out to him.”

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“He was open and approachable, which made it easier for me to voice questions and/or concerns. His critique of my papers were always respectful and intended to aid me, not degrade me (no pun intended). I would love to take more composition courses with him as an instructor.”

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“More pictures of the cat.”